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Disinfectants through Tunnel (COVID19)

The principle behind world’s new disinfectant tunnels is simple: wash your hands and walk through a tunnel in which overhead sprayers sprinkle disinfectant. This two-step process can considerably reduce the number of germs on an individual.

When you wash your hands with soap and water, the dirt and germs on your skin become trapped in the suds that form. They are then lifted from the skin, suspended in the water, and neatly flushed down the drain – leaving behind sparkling paws! Washing your hands does not assure you will kill the actual bacteria on your skin. Rather, it detaches the germs and relocates them. This is perfectly fine for most scenarios but is an important differentiation to make when considering environments that rely on completely sterile conditions. 

Therefore, People who come at public places are advised to wash their hands, wear mask and walk through the disinfection tunnel for a few seconds during which sprayers overhead sprinkle protective substance on them

Silver and gold Nanoparticles are rapidly emerging as effective solutions to a variety of issues related to COVID-19, from theranostics (therapy plus diagnostics) to disinfection to imaging. The relevance of nanoparticles is owing to their size (less than 100 nm), which is comparable to that of COVID-19 virus, and a plethora of functionalities such as targeting and drug delivery that can be tailored.

To be acceptable in the hospital environment, disinfectants must act independently ofthe number of bacteria and must also be easy to use, non-volatile, not harmful to staff,patients and equipment, free from unpleasant smells and should be effective within arelatively short time.Concentration of the disinfectant used and duration of action appear toplay a major role in its effectiveness.

Silver based nanomaterials exhibit strong bactericidal effect on many species ofbacteria while exhibiting low toxicity towards animal cells. AgNPs are fast acting andeffective at quite low concentrations.These characteristics make silver nanoparticles(AgNPs) an attractive candidate as a prospective disinfectant that can be used to prevent COVID-19 infections.

Silver nanoparticles have been found to be an effective antiviral which act against many deadly viruses like HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes simplex virus, Influenza virus, and so on. Research by scientists Ag NP-based materials will be able to prevent the contact infection of health care workers (HCWs), besides preventing patient infection. Thus colloidal silver on which the technology of the sanitizers can help arrest Covid -19 spread by blocking the RNA replication and infectivity by blocking the surface glycoproteins.

Silver nanoparticle based organic sanitizer perfectly ensures clean hands and forms a protective antibacterial layer on the skin for 8 hours. Silver nanoparticles eliminate all known microbes, building immunity against airborne germs, bacteria and infections viruses. Castor oil deeply nourishes and moistens delicate skin. Your hands are purified, hydrated and protected.

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