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 Nanotechnology in Sports Clothing


Use of nanotechnology in textile materials including nanofibers, nanocomposite fibers and nano-finished textiles imparts multi-properties providing their application in sport clothing market. Several fabric companies have utilized nanotechnology to develop a wide range of sports apparel. Foreign company has developed a nano-based technology to produce clothing with optimal balance of comfort, air permeability, wind and water resistance and self-cleaning property for extreme cold weather sports such as mountaineering and ski. The produced sportswear also benefit from rain- and snow-repellent feature.

Some of the companies, has developed ‘‘SoleFreshTM’’ socks treated with silver nanoparticles eliminating athlete’s foot odor. Nano silver nylon fibers with application areas including daily activities and sport, sportswear, sports bags and running shoes were produced by Korean company, Hyosung. Nanotechnology provided a real breakthrough in the anti-slip properties of footwear soles. Increased wicking in sport clothing protecting mountaineer from the cold and rain, and breathable clothing regulating body temperature in extreme climates are some of the benefits of using nanotechnology in sportswear.