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Nanotechnology in Sports Equipment

With the ever-growing development of new technologies, sports cannot go together without technology. The sports industry is getting better day by day by leveraging several areas. The sports industry also deals with the smallest things called ‘Nanotechnology’ across the globe.

Nano Technology: This is the technology and science that deals with the material creation at the molecular level and it can be sprawled into different fields to reinforce them with its advanced characteristics, enhancing properties of the material.

Impact of Nanotechnology in Sports industry:

With the advent of nanotechnology in the sports industry, there has been the benefit of reducing the equipment weight and amplifying efficiency. Nanotechnology has fetched more sturdiness; potency and lightweight at the same time making athletes feel comfy, safer, less prone to injuries and agile than the prior.

Equipment such as tennis/badminton racquets, racing bicycles, golf balls, baseball bats, archery arrows, skis, hockey sticks, fly-fishing rods and so on are few of the sports equipment that enhances their performance with the advent of nanotechnology in the sports industry.

Nanotechnology in sports equipment beefed up tennis rackets from their predecessor’s metals and woods weighs too less by the integration of graphite filled carbon nanotubes into the row. On the other hand, the racquets crafted from nanotechnology is stronger and lighter to hold and its birth mate ball is also equipped with nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology in sports equipment also helps to make a line of coating of nanoparticles on Tennis balls to change the property of inflating as air cannot be evaded from the core of the ball that helps to decline in the ball replacement.

Nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, nano clay, silica nanoparticles, carbon nanofibers, nano-nickel, and carbon nanoparticles are in the equipment use of Golf, Kayaking, Bowling, Watercraft, Road racing, skiing, Tennis/Badminton and Archery to invoke benefits like repulsion power, potency, sturdiness, scratch, enlarged stiffness, reduced weight and chipping.

Nanotechnology in sports equipment

Nanotechnology in the Sports industry plays a key role and the frontiers of swear are certainly high for sportspersons. Nanotechnology into the sports clothing brought them materials breathable. Socks are injected with seizing bacteria and odor through the silver nanoparticle's usage in the material.

A good example of how nanotechnology is used in sports is the game of tennis. Tennis racquets that are twice as stable usual racquets and 22% more powerful have already been designed. Moreover, scientists are also conducting research to create tennis balls that can hold their bounce much longer. To achieve this effect, the inner layer of the ball is covered with a mixture of microscopic balls of butyl rubber and clay particles.

The impact of nanotechnology on sports is becoming more and more visible. Nanotechnology allows scientists to develop ultra-lightweight swimwear so that the swimmers who wear it are able to glide through the water. The point is that water absorption of the new fabrics, used in this swimwear, has been reduced to 2% of fabric weight. In fact, previous generation materials that were used for low drag swimwear absorbed 50%. What is more, such fabrics can be used to design clothing that is able to repel sweat and leave the athletes dryer.

Nanotechnology is even giving sports fans the opportunity to express their support and admiration for the teams they love. Adidas has started a promotion that involves the fans of The All Blacks rugby team. Adidas wants to engrave the names of thousands of the team’s fans, and all past and present All Blacks players on to a single thread. The thread will be used to make a unique jersey for the team captain.

Sports equipment is considered to be one of the best breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria. Nanotechnology has made it possible to use natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of silver in order to develop silver nanoparticles that can mesh with the cotton, plastic or nylon material in sports equipment. The particles have a small volume, but a very large surface area. Therefore, they can interact with more bacteria and fungi, inhibiting their growth and multiplication. This will make sports equipment much cleaner and better smelling.

The sport of golf has also been impacted by nanotechnology. Nano-composite is replacing traditional materials used in the manufacturing of golf clubs, making them lighter and stronger. For example, nanomaterials are used to increase the power and accuracy of the club by lowering its weight and center of gravity. Golf balls have also been modified: applying new materials has allowed the ball to fly along a much straighter path and avoid an uneven spin. All in all, nanotechnology has many more applications in the sports world and ignoring its importance would be a terrible mistake in the science world. Nanotechnology will definitely make an incredible contribution to further improvement of our society in the future.


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