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Al2O3 Dispersion: A wide usage of metal oxide nanoparticles and nano structured materials attracts many people to research for their controlled synthesis via new method. Because, special properties of metallic or metal oxide nanoparticles exhibited several potential application in electronics, optoelectronics, catalysis and thin film coatings. In particular, alumina nanoparticles are expected to play important roles in a variety of relevant applications, and hence, the field has generated important contributions regarding the synthesis and processing of such particles.

A suspension is a dispersion of solid particles in a liquid. A colloidal suspension is a sol having significant properties when the size of the particles is of the order of few nanometers or less. In the suspension of large particles, for example, 10 ?m or larger, hydrodynamic interactions dominate the suspension flow properties and particle packing behavior. In colloidal suspensions, interaction forces between particles as well as hydrodynamic interactions play a vital role in determining the flow and particle packing properties.

Different synthesis methods have been devised, including sol-gel technique, microemulsion synthesis, mechanochemical processing, spray pyrolysis and drying, thermal decomposition of organic precursor, RF plasma synthesis, supercritical water processing, self assembling, hydrothermal processing, vapor transport process, sonochemical or microwave-assisted synthesis, direct precipitation and homogeneous precipitation. However, a disadvantage to fabrication of nanodevices is the agglomeration of nanoparticles, because of their high surface energy. To prevent the aggregation nanoparticles, the surface modification of nanoparticles can ensure their perfect dispersion. Many studies have been carried out toward the organically. Nanoparticles to enhance the surface chemical and physical properties play the key for their successful applications.


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Aluminium oxide is one of the most versatile sorbents for preparative chromatography. Due to its amphoteric character, aluminium oxide can be used in specifically defined pH ranges. Al2O3 Dispersion s are widely used for preparative column chromatographic separations, isolation and purifications for both in laboratory and industrial production.


Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles Aqueous Dispersion Application

Al2O3 nanoparticles water dispersion with phase stability, high hardness, and good dimensional stability, it can be widely used in plastics, rubber, ceramics, refractory products. In particular, it can significantly improve ceramics density, smoothness, thermal fatigue resistance, fracture toughness, creep resistance and polymer products wear resistance. Also, Al2O3 nanoparticles water dispersion is a promising material of far infrared emission, as the far-infrared emission and thermal insulation materials are used in chemical fiber products and high-pressure sodium lamp. In addition, ?lpha Al2O3 nanoparticles water dispersion has a good insulation properties, it can be used in YGA laser crystal and integrate circuit base board. 1. transparent ceramics: high-pressure sodium lamps, EP-ROM window; 2. cosmetic filler; 3. single crystal, ruby, sapphire, sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet; 4. high-strength aluminum oxide ceramic, C substrate, packaging materials, cutting tools, high purity crucible, winding axle, bombarding the target, furnace tubes; 5.  polishing materials, glass products, metal products, semiconductor materials, plastic, tape, grinding belt; 6.  paint, rubber, plastic wear-resistant reinforcement, advanced waterproof material; 7.  vapor deposition materials, fluorescent materials, special glass, composite materials and resins; 8. catalyst, catalyst carrier, analytical reagent; 9. aerospace aircraft wing leading edge


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