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Micro Powders

Micro Powders play a very important role in many areas of chemistry, physics, and materials science. The metal elements can form a large diversity of oxide compounds by employing various synthesis techniques. They exhibit metallic, semiconductor, or insulator character due to the electronic structure difference. The variety of attributes of oxides enable the wide applications in the fabrication of microelectronic circuits, sensors, piezoelectric devices, fuel cells, coatings against corrosion, and as catalysts. For example, almost all catalysts involve an oxide as active phase, promoter(or support) which allows the active components to disperse on.

Micro Powders
Micro Powders

Micro Powder In the chemical and petrochemical industries, products worth billions of dollars are generated every year through processes that use oxide and metal/oxide catalysts. For the control of environmental pollution, catalysts or sorbents that contain oxides are employed to remove the CO, NOx, and SOx species formed during the combustion of fossil-derived fuels. Furthermore, the most active areas of the semiconductor industry involve the use of oxides. Thus, most of the chips used in computers contain an oxide component. Till now, there are still many potential applications of materials under continuous investigation and new synthesis methods being developed. To exploit new applications metal oxide materials is one of the mean purposes of inorganic chemist. Micro Powders are usually robust and stable systems with well-defined crystallographic structures.

Micro Powder and metal borides, because of their extreme hardness and abrasiveness, are used in the manufacture of specialty saw blades and abrasive wheels. Both have very high melting points: 3350°C and 3000°C, respectively. Due to its high hardness, Micro Powders powder is used as an abrasive in polishing and lapping applications, and also as a loose abrasive in cutting applications such as water jet cutting. It can also be used for dressing diamond tools.

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