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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA
NS6130-12-001101 1345-04-6 MSDS pdf Specification pdf COA pdf

Antimony Sulphide Powder

(Sb2S3, Purity: 99%, APS: 40-60µm)

Particles Size Analysis - Sb2S3 Powder

Particles Size Analysis - Sb2S3 Powder

Product Antimony Sulphide Powder
Stock No. NS6130-12-001101
CAS 1345-04-6 Confirm
Purity 99% Confirm
APS 40-60µm Confirm
Molecular Formula Sb2S3 Confirm
Molecular weight 339.72 g/mol Confirm
Form Powder Confirm
Color White Confirm
Density 4.64 g/cm³ Confirm
Melting point 550 °C Confirm
Solubility Insoluble in water
Quality Control Each lot of Antimony Sulphide Powder was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99 %
Other Metal 8500ppm

Expert Reviews

Dr. Bruce Perrault, Ph.D, (Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), USA)

Antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) is a kind of semiconductor with its interesting high photosensitivity and high thermoelectric power. Antimony sulfide is a layer-structured direct bandgap semiconductor with orthorhombic crystal structur. Sb2S3 is considered as a promising material for solar energy due to its band gap which covers the range of the solar spectrum.

Dr. Myron Rubenstein, Ph.D, (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)

Sb2S3 has been extensively investigated for its special applications as a target material for microwave devices, television cameras and switching devices, rechargeable storage cell , and various optoelectronic devices .

Dr. Huojin Chan , (University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China)

Antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) fulfils the optical requirements to obtain an electronic bandgap in the visible or the near-infrared (NIR) region, depending on its amorphous or crystalline nature. The electronic gap of Sb2S3 lies around 2.2 eV (564 nm) for amorphous and 1.78 eV (697 nm) for crystalline Sb2S3 thin films. Sb2S3 nanomaterials have been synthesized by different methods, such as solvothermal reaction, hydrothermal treatment, refluxing polyol process, sonochemical method, chemical vapor transport reaction, etc.

Dr. Ms. Yi Yen Shi, (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi,Bangkok, Thailand)

 Sb2S3 is a multifunction material that could be used as an absorber or a sensitizer for photovoltaic device, photochemical catalysis, and photodetector. Besides, Sb and S are comparatively abundant, low-cost, and low-toxicity elements, making it potential for large-scale application. Antimony sulfide has a unique processibility. They can be vacuum-evaporated at a low temperature (~ 400 °C) or solution-processed using various materials.

Antimony Sulphide Powder

Antimony Sulphide Powder

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