Carbon Nanotube Nickel (99%, Dia:<5nm, Length:20-30um)

High Purity Carbon Nanotube Nickel

Product: Carbon Nanotube Nickel (99%, Dia:<5nm, Length:20-30um)

Description: Sample purity of NANOSHEL Carbon Nanotube Nickel is 90-98 Vol%, as determined by Raman Spectrophotometer and SEM Analysis. Nanoshel Nano material contains no residual catalyst impurities. Tubes occur in bundles of length ~1 – 10μm. (±1.5μm) Individual tube length has not been determined.

CNT Nickel Modified

Carbon Nanotube Nickel SEM/TEM

XPS Spectra of Amine SWCNT

Carbon Nanotube Nickel XPS Spectra


Materials Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (Carbon Nanotube Nickel)
Carbon Nanotube Nickel Stock No. NS6130-06-692
CAS 308068-56-6 Confirm
Carbon Nanotube Nickel Diameter <5nm Confirm
Carbon Nanotube Nickel Length 20-30µm Confirm
Carbon Nanotube Nickel Purity >99% (SWCNT) Confirm
Amorphous carbon 1% Confirm
Residue (calcination in air) <1% Confirm
Special surface area 350-450* m2/g Confirm
Bulk density 0.05-0.17 g/cm3 Confirm
Real density 2-3 g/cm3 Confirm
Charging * 2180 (Capacity: mA h/g) Confirm
Discharging* 534 (Capacity: mA h/g) Confirm
Volume Resistivity 0.1-0.15 ( measured at pressure in powder) Confirm
Available Quantities 2Gms, 5Gms, 10Gms, 25Gms and larger quantites
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Experts Review:

6386253Dr. Changsik Yoo, Ph.D (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Nanoshel’s Carbon Nanotube Nickel applications in the areas of molecular electronic devices, nanocomposites, and electron field emission have been proposed or explored.
 The nature of their structure and chemical bonding, carbon nanotubes are also interesting 1D host materials for lithium intercalation, and several groups have already investigated the application of Carbon Nanotube Nickel as the anode for lithium batteries. Carbon nanotubes directly on the surface of catalytically active transition metals such as nickel and cobalt. At the same time, the growth of carbon nanotubes directly on metallic substrates also resolves the problem of adhesion of nanotubes layers and fulfills the requirement for substrate electroconductivity.

12001Dr. Bram van Andel, Ph.D (International Medical and Technological University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
Nanoshel’s Carbon Nanotube Nickel
 nanocomposites through atomic layer deposition (ALD) of Ni and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of functionalized CNTs. The products possess uniform Ni nanoparticles that are constructed by finely controlled deposition of Ni onto oxygen or bromine functionalized CNT surface. Electrochemical studies indicate that the CNT–Ni nanocomposites exhibit high electrocatalytic activity for glucose oxidation in alkaline solutions, which enables the products to be used in enzyme-free electrochemical sensors for glucose determination. It was demonstrated that the Carbon Nanotube Nickel nanocomposite-based glucose biosensor offers a variety of merits, such as a wide linear response window for glucose concentrations of 5 μM–2 mM, short response time (3 s), a low detection limit (2 μM), high sensitivity (1384.1 μA mM−1 cm−2), and good selectivity and repeatability.

65562245Dr. Ana D. Gavrilovici (University of Santiago of Chile (USACH), Chile)
Nanoshel’s Carbon Nanotube Nickel nanocomposite, and present the fabrication of a silicon micromirror with the CNTs-Ni nanocomposite beams to evaluate the mechanical stability of the micromirror in terms of resonant frequency. CNTs are pretreated to have positive charges on their surface and added into a Ni electroplating solution to form a CNTs-Ni nanocomposite electroplating suspension. CNTs are pretreated to have positive charges on their surface and added into a Ni electroplating solution to form a CNTs-Ni nanocomposite electroplating suspension. The mechanical strengthening phenomenon is found in the nanocomposite in comparison with a Ni film. Moreover, the addition of CNTs in the nanocomposite beams effectively increases the shear modulus compared with the pure Ni.

10635845_949944621685989_4008592500456853568_nDr. Yeng-Tim Liu, (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
Carbon Nanotube Nickel modified carbon nanotubes rapidly oxidized glucose in alkaline solution with an excellent stability.
Consequently, the modified carbon nanotubes were shown to be a suitable enzyme-free glucose electrochemical sensor when attached to a glassy carbon electrode, with excellent long term stability, a short response time, a low limit of detection, a long linear dynamic range, high sensitivity, and good precision.

2533854Dr. Sheng Choy Wong Ph.D (University of the Philippines College of Engineering, Quezon City, Philippines)
Carbon Nanotube Nickel matrix provides a novel class of hybrid materials with a good ion exchange capacity, high stability, and a selectivity for caesium ions.
The CNT-PANI-NiHCF nanocomposite films have been synthesized by electrodeposition. he porous high surface area CNT matrix provides the high loading capacity for the deposition of NiHCF nanoparticles, while the PANI thin-film further stabilizes the nanoparticles

This material ships as dry granules or powder. Each grade contains particles with an average thickness and surface area. All dimensions represent median sizes and there is a distribution around the mean. Nanoshel offers Carbon Nanotube Nickel to Nanoparticles with wide variety of application and offers full scale projects for researchers. by Nanoshel.

Single Wall Carbon Nanotube conjugated Polymer Photovoltaic Devices are surely the carbon Nanotubes variant with the most interesting combination of physical properties. They show world records in mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. For most of the time, there was no guarantee for a sufficient vailability of this outstanding material. In the meantime, however, increasingly larger quantities of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube conjugated Polymer Photovoltaic Devices have entered the market, which enable the development mof attractive applications. Therefore the worldwide fascination in connection with carbon nanotubes as such may finally become reality with SWCNT.

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Carbon Nanotube Nickel


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