Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target (CoO, Purity: 99.99%)

High Purity Sputtering Target

Product: Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target (CoO, Purity: 99.99%)

Quality Control: Each lot of NANOSHEL Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target was tested successfully.

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Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target

Product Name Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target
Product Code NS6130-10-1043
CAS 1307-96-6 Confirm
Diameter 50 mm ± 1mm Confirm
Thickness 3 mm ± 0.5mm Confirm
Purity >99.99% Confirm
Density 6.44 g/cm³ Confirm
Molecular Weight 74.9326 g/mol Confirm
Melting Point 1,933 °C Confirm
Shape Round Confirm
Size and Shape Targets Diameter and thickness can be according to Customer Requirement
Backing Plate Copper (as per customer requirement)
Conclusion The specifications Confirm with enterprise standard
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target Composition:

Co 99.9% Confirm

Experts Review:

Dr. Clive Patterson Ph.D (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia)
Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target
 is a proven technology capable of depositing thin films from a wide variety of materials on to diverse substrate shapes and sizes. The process is repeatable and can be scaled up from small research and development projects, to production batches involving medium to large substrate areas.

Dr. Ms. Teresa B. (University of San Carlos, Philippines)
Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target metals for the best results We have the flexibility to produce Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target in shapes and sizes, and we never compromise in the purity of our raw materials. Our finished and semi-finished targets and our anodes are all made from the very highest purity of different metals.

Dr. Stew Dean Ph.D (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target has a stable hexagonal close-packed crystal structure. At higher temperatures up to the melting point of 1,495 °C (2,723 °F), the stable form is face-centred cubic. The metal has 12 radioactive isotopes, none of which occurs naturally. The best-known is cobalt-60, which has a half-life of 5.3 years and is used in medicine and industry

Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target

Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target

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