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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA
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Cobalt Sputtering Target

Cobalt Sputtering Target (Baked With Indium Bonded, Purity: 99.99%)


Cobalt Sputtering Target

Cobalt Sputtering Target

Product Cobalt Sputtering Target
Stock No NS6130-10-1155
Purity 99.99% Confirm
Diameter 50 mm ± 1mm Confirm
Thickness 3 mm ± 0.5mm Confirm
Molecular Weight 58.93 g/mol Confirm
Density 8.90 g/cm³ Confirm
Melting Point 1495 °C Confirm
Shape Round Confirm
Backing Plate Copper (as per customer requirement)
Size and Shape Targets Diameter and thickness can be according to Customer Requirement
Conclusion The specifications Confirm with enterprise standard
Quality Control Each lot of Cobalt Sputtering Target was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99.99%

Expert Reviews

Dr. Jochen Maier, Ph.D (Canterbury Christ Church University, New Zealand)

Cobalt Sputtering Target precipitate when aqueous solutions of cobalt(II) ions are treated with hydrogen sulfide. This reaction is useful in the purification of cobalt from its ores as well as in qualitative inorganic analysis. The sulfides of cobalt are black, semiconducting, insoluble in water, and nonstoichiometric. They react with strong acids to release hydrogen sulfide gas again. They are weak reducing agents and can be oxidized to cobalt sulfate.

Dr. Ms. Suvi Ellilä, Ph.D (Halmstad University department of Research & technology, Sweden)

Cobalt Sputtering Target three common ferromagnetic metals (iron, nickel, and cobalt), cobalt has the highest Curie point. It is unique in that, added in moderate amounts to iron, it raises that metal’s saturation magnetization. Magnetic alloys form the most important use of cobalt.

Dr. Patrick Nilssen, (Northern Private University Olivos, Peru)

Cobalt Sputtering Target are also being tested for site specific drug delivery agents for cancer therapies and in coatings, fuel cells, batteries, DNA circuits and chrome replacement in sporting goods, luxury and consumer products.

Cobalt Sputtering Target

Cobalt Sputtering Target

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