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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA Catalogue
NS6130-10-1236 N/A MSDS pdf Specification pdf

Custom Screen Printed Electrodes

Custom Screen Printed Electrodes (3-electrodes)

Custom Screen Printed Electrodes

Custom Screen Printed Electrodes

Product Custom Screen Printed Electrodes
Stock No NS6130-10-1236
Diameter of WE 2 mm Confirm
Size of RE 0.5 x 1 mm Confirm
Ratio CE/WE Surface Area 4/1 Confirm
Shape Rectangle Confirm
Overall Dimension 50 x 10mm Confirm
Thickness 0.5mm Confirm
Thickness of Coated Material 10 µm Confirm
Working Electrode Gold Confirm
Counter Electrode Graphite Confirm
Reference Electrode Ag/AgCl Confirm
Substrate Alumina Confirm
Packaging 10Pcs Confirm
Quality Control Each lot of Custom Screen Printed Electrodes was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Expert Reviews

Dr. Guowei Kwong, PhD(Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, Vietnam)

Printable electronics- an additive manufacturing technology combines electronic materials with conventional printing process to enable large area, flexible, and/or low- cost manufacturing of membrane switches, thin film transistors, and sensors as well as photovoltaics, antennas and (OLED) Organic light emitting diode based displays.

Terence Mitchell, PhD,(ICAI School of Engineering Madrid, Spain)

Conductive inks make up one of the largest markets in printed electronics as they enable the fabrication of key elements such as antennas, electrodes and bus bars for collectors using screen printing, aerosol, inkjet etc.

Dr. Steven Atkinson, Professor(University of Nottingham,UK)

The printed electronics industry is driven, in part, by a desire to exploit additive manufacturing to reduce cost, and simply decreasing the silver content and the resulting trace thickness. In SPE modifications are applied to working electrode. Counter electrode is made of Carbon. Reference electrode is made of silver. The Screen Printed Carbon Electrodes are modified with electrochemical mediators and nanomaterials, among others.

Dr. Ms. Huian Ruan, (Taungoo Technological University, Myanmar)

Due to the various material properties of SPE, such as simplicity, disposability and rapid responses SPE have been successfully utilized for various applications like Environmental Pollutants, Biosensors, Transistors, Displays etc.

Dr. Marco Ferro, MD PhD(University of Nordland Bodø, Norway)

The ink serves as a platform technology where all of the required components from screen printable ink can be incorporated into inks compatible with Inkjet, Screen Printing, and Aerosol Spray enabling many applications and devices under development in printable electronics.

Custom Screen Printed Electrodes

Custom Screen Printed Electrodes

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