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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA
NS6130-10-1161 7440-57-5 MSDS pdf Specification pdf COA pdf

Gold Tin Sputtering Target (Au:Sn, Purity: 99.99%)

Gold Tin Sputtering Target

Gold Tin Sputtering Target (Au:Sn, Purity: 99.99%)

Quality Control: Each lot of Gold Tin Sputtering Target was tested successfully.

Gold Tin Sputtering Target

Gold Tin Sputtering Target

Product Gold Tin Sputtering Target
Stock No NS6130-10-1161
CAS 7440-57-5 Confirm
Purity 99.99% Confirm
Density 19.30 g/cm³ Confirm
Molecular Weight 196.96 g/mol Confirm
Melting Point 1064 °C Confirm
Shape Round Confirm
Size and Shape Targets Diameter and thickness can be according to Customer Requirement
Backing Plate Copper (as per customer requirement)
Conclusion The specifications Confirm with enterprise standard
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99.99%

Expert Reviews

Dr. Jochen Maier, Ph.D (Canterbury Christ Church University, New Zealand)

Gold Tin Sputtering Target, The origin and development of the technology of gold powder in ancient India is described on the basis of the literary evidence cited in various Sanskrit texts. It has been shown that two important applications of gold powder in ancient India were in medicine and for making colours for painting.

Dr. Ms. Suvi Ellilä, Ph.D (Halmstad University department of Research & technology, Sweden)

Gold Tin Sputtering Target is a Block D, Period 6 element. It is a soft metal that is often alloyed to give it more strength. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is a good reflector of infrared and is chemically inert. The optical-electronics properties of gold nanoparticles are being explored widely for use in high technology applications such as sensors probes, electronic-conductors, therapeutic agents, drug delivery in biological, medical applications and catalysis.

Dr. Patrick Nilssen, (Northern Private University Olivos, Peru)

Gold Tin Sputtering Target are widely used in biomedical and catalysts. Gold powder are used as biosensors and carriers for targeted delivery of drug to specific site in the body. Gold powder is very resistant to bacteria and so is after the  material of choice for implants that are at risk of infection. The use of gold compounds in medicine is called chrysotherapy.

gold tin sputtering target

gold tin sputtering target

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