Heat Sinking Graphite Paper (HOPG, Thickness: 0.1mm, Purity: 99.9%)

High Purity Heat Sinking Graphite Paper

Heat Sinking Graphite Paper (HOPG, Thickness: 0.1mm, Purity: 99.9%)

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Graphite Sheets

Heat Sinking Graphite Paper

Product Heat Sinking Graphite Paper
Stock No. NS6130-10-1128
CAS 7782-42-5 Confirm
Color Dark Grey Confirm
Thickness 0.1mm Confirm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.02mm Confirm
Density 1.3 g/cm³ Confirm
Hardness 85 shore A Confirm
Tensile Strength 650psi Confirm
Composition Flexible Graphite Confirm
UL Flammability 94VO Confirm
Temperature Range -40°C to 400°C Confirm
Thermal Conductivity 400w/m.k (X-Y axis) Confirm
Thermal Conductivity 7~10w/m.k (Z Axis) Confirm
Thermal Resistance 0.1 °C –in²/w Confirm
Volume Resistivity 11*10-4Ω-cm Confirm
Specific Gravity 0.15 % TML Confirm
Specific Gravity 0.09 % CVCM Confirm
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Experts Review:

Terence Mitchell, PhD,(ICAI School of Engineering Madrid, Spain)Terence Mitchell, PhD,(ICAI School of Engineering Madrid, Spain)
Heat Sinking Graphite Paper
 is a unique form of graphite decomposition of a hydrocarbon gas at very high temperature in a vacuum furnace. Ultra-pure product which is near theoretical density and extremely anisotropic. The material is deposited as graphene and grown onto a substrate giving it a layered composition with anisotropic properties. It has different properties across different planes. In the C plane (across its layers) it has low thermal conductivity, acting as an insulator. In the A-B plane it has very high thermal conductivity, acting as a superb conductor.

Dr. Steven Atkinson,Professor(University of Nottingham,UK)Dr. Steven Atkinson,Professor(University of Nottingham,UK)
Heat Sinking Graphite Paper
 (PG) is a specialized with unique thermal, electrical and chemical properties including superior EMI performance. These materials have applications where extreme temperature up to 6000°F (3300°C) and corrosive environments exist, conducting heat across its (a-b) planar surface like copper and insulating like ceramics in the (c) thickness direction. As a result of our proprietary finishing process we achieve extremely low particulates and chemical resistance to fluorine-based gases that provide solutions to problems in plasma and semi-conductor etching systems. PG has been highly diamagnetic, conducive to enhanced imaging process for medical applications.

Dr. Marco Ferro,MD PhD(University of Nordland Bodø, Norway)Dr. Marco Ferro,MD PhD(University of Nordland Bodø, Norway)
Heat Sinking Graphite Paper
 is a heat spreading material with high thermal conductivity. This material is lightweight and highly flexible. It can be cut into custom shapes, making it extremely useful for applications with limited space. In addition, it has excellent thermal conductivity properties, 600 to 800 W/(m-K), which is twice as high as copper and three times as high as aluminum. PGS can also be used as a clean and efficient alternative to silicone grease.

1252525Dr. Myron Rubenstein, Ph.D (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)
Features of Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet: High Thermal Conductivity: 1500/1400 W/m.K, Multiple thicknesses: 25/40 µm, Light wight:~2g/cm³, Flexible and easy for cutting and trimming, Low thermal impedance, Low moisture content <1%.
Applications: Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptop, Ultrabooks, LED Backlight, PDP/LCD/OLED Display, High Power LED, DVC, DSC, PC Card Battery.

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Heat Sinking Graphite Paper

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