Lateral Quantum Dot (Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH₂ Quantum Dots)

Lateral Quantum Dot (Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH₂ Quantum Dots)

Product: Lateral Quantum Dot

We provide high quality Lateral Quantum Dot (GA) ZnSe/ZnS, CdS/ZnS, CdSe/ZnS, InP/ZnS, InP/ZnS,and PbS QDs.

Lateral Quantum Dot

Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH₂ Quantum Dots

Product Name Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH₂ Quantum Dots
Stock No. NS6130-12-000207
CAS Number 1306-23-6 Confirm
Purity 99.9%  Confirm
Composition CdS/ZnS Confirm
Emission Peak 470±15nm Confirm
Surface Group PEG-NH₂ Confirm
Solvent Water Confirm
Application Bio-Conjugation with Bio-Molecules
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Experts Review:

Dr. Ms. Kamiko Chang, Ph.D(University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)
Lateral Quantum Dots are highly tunable. They provide possibilities to place interacting particles into a small volume, allowing to verify fundamental concepts and foster new applications (quantum computing, etc).

images (12) Dr. Nicholaos G. Demas (Newcastle University School Of Machanical & Systems Engg. UK)
The field of mesoscopic physics owes a big part of its success and development to small man-made devices called Lateral Quantum Dots. A quantum dot is a semiconductor structure that contains a fixed number of electrons. Advancements in the growth of semiconductor heterostructures and in nano-lithography have made it possible to laterally define quantum dots in a two-dimensional electron gas using metallic surface gates.

58496396Dr. Bruce Perrault, Ph.D (Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), USA)
Lateral Quantum Dots are formed by metallic gates patterned on the surface of a semiconductor heterostructure containing a 2DEG, using electron beam lithography techniques. Negative voltages applied to the surface gates deplete the electrons underneath and isolate a region of the 2DEG inside the quantum dot from the leads. The electrons in the isolated region of the 2DEG are confined in three dimensions.

2536582Dr. Huojin Chan (University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China)
One type of artificially fabricated device is a Lateral Quantum Dots. Typically, quantum dots are small regions defined in a semiconductor material with a size of order 100 nm. Since the first studies in the late eighties, the physics of quantum dots has been a very active and fruitful research topic. These dots have proven to be useful systems to study a wide range of physical phenomena.

images (33)

Dr. Darren Chandler, Ph.D(Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K)
In the last decade, a great interest in quantum dots has arouse, due to their potential use as hardware for the implementation of a scalable quantum computer. In this scheme, the electron spin in these quantum dots is used as the basic element for the transport of information.

lateral quantum dot

Cadmuim Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH₂ Quantum Dots

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