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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA
NS6130-04-456 N/A MSDS pdf Specification pdf

Nano Enabled Enamel

Quick Drying Enamel

Available Pack Size: 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr & Bulk orders
Nano Enabled Enamel

Nano Enabled Enamel

Product Nano Enabled Enamel
Stock No NS6130-04-456
Product Brand Supreme Confirm
Color Black Confirm
Density 1.09 Kg/Litre Confirm
Viscosity 450 - 500 Cpu Confirm
Solid Content 50 – 55% By Weight Confirm
Specific Gravity 0.950 – 1.010 At 25°C Confirm
Finish Full Gloss Confirm
MWCNT 2.950 – 3.010 Wt% Confirm
Vehicle Type Styrenated Alkyd Confirm
Pigment Type Inorganic Oxides & Chromates Confirm
Solvent Type Aromatic Hydrocarbons Confirm
Flash Point Min >22°C Confirm
Drying Time: Surface 10 - 15 Minutes Confirm
Hard 1 - 2 Hours Confirm
Application Method Spray Or Dip Confirm
Application Viscosity Conventional Spray: 18 – 20” Fc4 Confirm
Recommended Thinner Q.D Enamel Thinners Confirm
Fineness of Grind 5 µm Confirm
Gloss 85% On 60 °C Confirm
Heat Resistance 250 - 300 °C Confirm
Coverage At Dft 40 µm 8 Square Meters Per Litre Confirm
Dry Film Thickness 40 µm (Recommended) Confirm
Shelf Life 6 – 12 Months
Storage Store Away From Direct Heat
Quality Control Each lot of Nano Enabled Enamel was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Expert Reviews

Dr. Alan Crawford Ph.D, (National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

A lot of research is being done in the development of CNT based air and gas filtration. Filtration has been to be another area where it is cost effective to use CNTs already. CNT can be dispersed onto 1 sqft of filter media. Manufacturers can get their cost down to 35 cents per gram of purified CNT when purchasing ton quantities.

Dr. Alte Schule Rheingau Ph.D, (Limerick Institute of Technology, Limerick, Ireland)

Samsung already has CNT based flat panel displays on the market. A lot of companies are looking forward to being able to produce transparent conductive coatings and phase out ITO coatings. Samsung uses align SWCNTs in the transparent conductive layer of their display manufacturing process.

Dr. Bunroeun Thong, Professor, (Phnom Penh Institute of Technology,Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Nano Enabled Enamel can be described as sheets of graphene that are rolled to form a tube. Depending on the synthesis and reaction parameter, single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) as well as multi-walled (MWCNTs) can be produced. Due to the high aspect ratio of Nano Enabled Enamel and given their low density, huge surface areas of a few hundred m2/g are usually obtained. We can imagine one gram of material exhibiting a surface area similar to that of an average semidetached house.

Dr. Ms. Karel Gorissen, (Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Alajuela, Limon)

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are considered the most promising candidates to replace Cu and Al in a large number of electrical, mechanical and thermal applications. Although most CNT industrial applications require macro and micro size CNT fiber assemblies,several techniques to make conducting CNT fibers, threads, yarns and ropes have been reported to this day, and improvement of their electrical and mechanical conductivity continues.

Nano Enabled Enamel

Nano Enabled Enamel

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