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Oxide Powder

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Nickel Trioxide Powder

(Ni2O3, APS: 40-50µm, Purity: 99%)
Nickel Trioxide Powder
Available Pack Size: 10Gms, 25Gms, 50Gms, 100Gms, 250Gms, 500Gms, 1Kg & Bulk orders
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Nickel Trioxide Powder
Particles Size Analysis - Nickel Trioxide Powder
ProductNickel Trioxide Powder
Stock NoNS6130-05-513
APS40-50 µmConfirm
Molecular FormulaNi2O3Confirm
Molecular Weight165.39 g/mol Confirm
ColorBlack-Dark GreyConfirm
Melting Point600 °CConfirm
Quality ControlEach Lot of was tested successfully
Main Inspect VerifierManager QC

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Expert Reviews

Dr. Marcus Tägtmeyer (International Medical and Technological University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

The properties of Nickel Trioxide Powder have been widely studied to investigate the influence of size, crystal lattice defects and surface effects. Varying the particle size of NiO leads to novel and interesting magnetic properties that range from nanosized to bulk-like behavior Moreover, there is a growing interest for the use of Nickel oxide nanoparticles in various applications. The dielectric constant of NiO nanoparticles is high at low frequencies that decrease rapidly with the applied frequency at all temperatures. The high value of the dielectric constant may be attributed due to the increased ion jump orientation effect and the increased space charge effect exhibited by nanoparticles.

Dr. Ms Jane Li (National Penghu University of Science and Technology, Magong, Penghu,  Republic of China)

Nickel Trioxide Powder is the chemical compound with the formula NiO. It is an important transition metal oxide with a cubic lattice structure. The mineralogical form of Nickel oxide is bunsenite which is very rare. Nickel oxide nanoparticles appear in green powder form and having an average particle size of less than 50 nm. Due to their special structures and properties, Nickel oxide Nanoparticles have been widely used in various fields, such as photoelectric, recording materials, catalysts, sensors, ceramic materials, etc.

Dr. Willem-Jan de Kleijn Ph.D (Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden)

Nickel Trioxide Powder: Recently, several methods have been developed to prepare ultrafine nickel oxide powder, including low-pressure spray pyrolysis, surfactant-mediated method, simple liquid-phase process and other techniques. Mostly nickel oxide nanoparticles are prepared by the thermal decomposition of freshly prepared nickel hydroxide by sol-gel route at 300°C (572°F).

Dr. JKF Gojukai PhD  (Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)

Nickel Trioxide Powder can also be extensively used in dye-sensitized photocathode. These nanoparticles exhibit anodic electrochromism, excellent durability, electrochemical stability, large spin optical density and various manufacturing possibilities. Also for low material cost as an ion storage material, Nickel oxide nanoparticles semiconductor becomes a motivating topic in the new area of research. Because of the volume effect, the quantum size effect, the surface effect and the macroscopic quantum tunnel effect, nanocrystalline nickel oxide nanoparticles is expected to possess many improved properties than those of micrometer-sized nickel oxide particles.

Dr. Huang Fu Ph.D  (Maebashi Institute of Technology, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan)

Nickel Trioxide Powder is mostly used in batteries like lithium-ion batteries, nickel-iron battery, nickel-Zinc battery, nickel- cadmium battery etc. Lithium-ion battery (LIB) has emerged as the primary source of power for a variety of portable electronic devices. Here the anode material should, therefore, possess low reduction potential and high specific capacity. Recently, interest has been directed toward conversion reaction where nanostructured metal oxides are incorporated with a carbon-based support matrix and employed as LIB anode. Like many other nanostructured metal oxides, nickel oxide (NiO) has gained significant interest as LIB anode material because of its low cost, ease of synthesis, and environment friendly nature. Nanoparticles of NiO have shown reversible capacities in the range of 600–800 mAh/g.


Nickel (III) Oxide Powder

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Nickel Trioxide Powder (Ni2O3, APS: 40-50µm, Purity: 99%)

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