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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA
NS6130-12-001137 1313-82-2 MSDS pdf Specification pdf COA pdf

Sodium Sulphide Flakes

(Na2S, Purity: 99.9%)

Product Sodium Sulphide Flakes
Stock No. NS6130-12-001137
CAS 1313-82-2 Confirm
Purity 99.9% Confirm
Molecular Formula Na2S Confirm
Molecular weight 78.04g/mol Confirm
Form Flakes Confirm
Color Colorless Confirm
Density 1.8 g/cm³ Confirm
Melting point 1176 °C Confirm
Solubility Insoluble in ether
Quality Control Each lot of Sodium Sulphide Flakes was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99.9%
Other Metal 1000 ppm

Expert Reviews

Dr. Bruce Perrault, Ph.D, (Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), USA)

Sodium sulfide is the chemical compound with the formula Na2S and it has an antfluorite structure. It’s a yellow appearance, water-soluble salts that give strongly alkaline solutions. When exposed to moist air, Na2S emit hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs.

Dr. Myron Rubenstein, Ph.D, (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)

The solution of Sodium Sulphide flakes obtained from the process is concentrated to 10-12% and is available at different percentages in tanker loads. In Industries Na2S is produced by carbothermic reduction of sodium sulfate often using coal. It is used in the production of rubber chemicals, sulfur dyes and other chemical compounds. It is used in other applications including ore flotation, oil recovery, making dyes, and detergent.

Dr. Huojin Chan , (University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China)

Sodium Sulfide flakes are widely used as Depilatory reagent and in pharmaceutical Industries, obtaining the sulphur Black Dyes, Ore Floatation, Engraving and also used as analytical reagent, removing sulphur in viscous Rayon Industry, in Industries to remove heavy metals from waste water, in the manufacture of lubricating oils, in the production of polysulphide elastomers etc these are main application where we use sodium sulfide flakes.

Dr. Ms. Yi Yen Shi, (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi,Bangkok, Thailand)

Sodium Sulphide  flakes used in water treatment as an oxygen scavenger agent and also as a metals precipitant in chemical photography for toning black and white photographs; in the textile industry as a bleaching agent, for desulfurising and as a dechlorinating agent; and in the leather trade for the sulfitisation of tanning extracts.

Dr. Hans Roelofs Ph.D, (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Although nitrites are the nitrogen compound chiefly used in meat curing, nitrates are used in certain specialty curing processes where a long release of nitrite from parent nitrate stores is needed. The use of nitrates in food preservation is controversial. This is due to the potential for the formation of nitrosamines when nitrates are present in high concentrations and the product is cooked at high temperatures. The effect is seen for red or processed meat, but not for white meat or fish.

Sodium Sulphide Flakes

Sodium Sulphide Flakes

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