Stainless Steel Foam – 50PPI/3mm

Stainless Steel Foam

Product: Stainless Steel Foam – 50PPI/3mm

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Stainless Steel Foam

Stock No. NS6130-10-1095
PPI 50
Surface Density 346g/m^2
Purity ≥99.9%
Porosity ≥95%
Length 1m
Width 300mm
Thickness 3mm

Experts Review:

Terence Mitchell, PhD,(ICAI School of Engineering Madrid, Spain)Terence Mitchell, PhD,(ICAI School of Engineering Madrid, Spain)
Metal foam materials present a unique opportunity for adoption in civil engineering applications. The base metals (aluminum, steel, etc.) are well understood and in many cases readily modeled with a high degree of accuracy.

Dr. Steven Atkinson,Professor(University of Nottingham,UK)Dr. Steven Atkinson,Professor(University of Nottingham,UK)
Foaming the metal, i.e. introducing voids in the microstructure, decreases the density (ρ) and increases the apparent thickness. If designed with care, the resulting foamed component can have higher plate bending stiffness (∝Et3 ) and weigh less than solid steel.

Dr. Ms. Huian Ruan(Taungoo Technological University, Myanmar)Dr. Ms. Huian Ruan(Taungoo Technological University, Myanmar)
A steel engineer working with steel foam has a new degree of freedom: density (ρ). The design space potentially covered by steel applications can grow immensely with density as a variable.

Dr. Marco Ferro,MD PhD(University of Nordland Bodø, Norway)Dr. Marco Ferro,MD PhD(University of Nordland Bodø, Norway)
Example structural applications for metallic foams, utilizing bene- fits in weight, stiffness, energy dissipation, mechanical damping, and vibration frequency are summarized. Existing applications are largely in the mechanical, aerospace, and automotive domains. For each application, therefore, the potential impact on civil engineering

Dr. Guowei Kwong, PhD(Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, Vietnam)Dr. Guowei Kwong, PhD(Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, Vietnam)
Compared to aluminum foams, for example, steel foam applications are at their beginning stage. While fundamental advantages for using steel instead of aluminum as a base metal are clear (e.g., higher initial E and Fy) manufacturing has been more challenging. Nevertheless, steel foam bars, rods, foam core sandwich plates, and foam filled tubes have been created and tested at laboratory scale

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Stainless Steel Foam

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