Shape Memory Fasteners

Shape Memory Fasteners

Shape Memory Fasteners: Shape memory fastening technology uses the unique properties shape memory polymer (SMP) material. At a specific temperature, this material changes from a rigid state to an elastic state and then returns to a rigid “memorized” state again.

Shape Memory Fasteners

When the rapid release system is activated, the fasteners become flexible, allowing simple, snap-on attachment. Once fastened, the system returns to a rigid state, locking the fasteners in place. To detach the fasteners again, the user simply activates the system, transitioning the material back to an elastic state, allowing easy removal. This process can be repeated over and over again. The material is simply activated by heat and reduces the labor and time needed to attach and replace devices.

Rapid release fasteners hold more weight than commercially available detachable fastener systems and attach and detach with less force. Optional color-change alerts users when the material is ready to be fastened or removed.

Shape Memory Fasteners

The interlocking fasteners are made of a SMP and are designed to support heavy loads such as armor panels in high-shock or high-vibration environments. In the field, where time and hold strength is critical, these fasteners provide solid support and rapid armor application.

Shape Memory Fasteners

Rapid release fasteners offer simple-to-use, integrated activation. Coupling increased hold with easy removal, this technology goes a step beyond conventional detachable fastening systems.

Silent Fasteners

Another version of SMP fasteners that came out of this research can be used without heat activation for applications requiring a quiet fastening solution. These fasteners are made with flexible, mushroom-shaped polyps that “snap” together silently. While conventional hook and loop fasteners make loud tearing noises when being removed, silent fasteners, make no noise at all. This is a huge advantage for military applications, especially for uniform insignia, uniform fasteners, and other attachment needs when silence is important to survival.


• Low-force attachment/detachment
• High fastening strength to support heavy equipment or detachable signs
• Applies to any surface, even contours
• No extra tools required
• Corrosion resistant
• Aesthetically pleasing, hidden fastening
• Tamper-proof
• Repeatable process without damage to the substructure
• Low force required to detach
• No framing needed
• Low sensitivity to environmental conditions

Some Applications

Shape memory fastening technology shows promise for military, household, and commercial uses. The following industries would benefit from smart fastener technology:

Shape Memory Fasteners

• Adaptable storage
• Temporary shelter assembly
• Hatch enclosures
• Architectural detail fastening
• Noiseless insignia fastening
• Noiseless fastening for military clothing
• Sign assembly
• Home and garage storage
• Emergency vehicle equipment storage
• Underwater storage/equipment mounting (no corrosion)
• Plant floor dividers/storage
• RV storage

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