Nanoshel – Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene & Other Nanomaterials

Molecular machinery

Nanoshel Nanomaterials


1. 99% pure Multi wall Carbon Nanotubes at an amazingly low price. Multi Wall CNT in Industrial Grade in Ton quantities at an amazingly low price. Please ask for quote.
2. Metal Nanopowders for research at an amazingly low prices for Industrial and Research applications.
3. Nanoshel also has specialty Quartz Fabric for Aerospace application.
4. Silicon Wafers available in different specifications for Semiconductor applications
6. Shape Memory Polymer anti-counterfeit label film products are unique security technologies. SMP substrate/film can store covert embossed logo/text shape information inside.​ We help you to secure your Brand Assets.
7. We add indenting codes and the SMP film/paper on the ordinary packaging paper, This indenting codes technology make sure no tamper can be done, and SMP film/paper can make the packaging unique and safe, prevent your branded products from counterfeiting.

Our Exclusive Product Range


1. Metal Nanopowders, Compound Nanopowders, Metal Oxide Nanopowders, Nano Particle Dispersion, SWNT, MWCNT, Graphene, Alloy Nano Powders, Clay Nanopowders, Shape Memory Polymers
2. Graphene Platelets, Graphene Oxide, Graphene Dispersion, Graphene Nanopowder, Graphene Nano Platelets.
3. Nano Material Characterization with test reports and raw data.
4. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Nano Dispersion’s with its application and protocol.
5. Copper, Nickel & Aluminium Metal Foams available in open and closed cell for Energy Applications.
6. Screen Printed Electrodes with various coatings like Graphene, Platinum, Gold and Silver.
7. Sputtering Targets for Sputter coatings, Metal Crucibles, Silicon Wafers and many other Research related materials.

Antibody Drug Conjugates

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1. Antibody and protein biotinylation and fluorescent labeling. 2. Antibody-enzyme conjugates and other protein-protein linkages.
3. Conjugations for peptide immunogens and vaccines.
4. Conjugations with hydrophobic peptides.
5. Conjugate vaccines and proprietary chemistry for preparing Bio Nano Conjugates. Pegylation.
6. Custom Conjugated Antibodies: Our Custom services provide personalized solutions designed to supply researchers with the widest choice of tools to support their studies. We are powering Drug Discovery through Conjugation Chemistry

Innovate Solutions


We specialize in delivering innovative solutions to industry across the life sciences and technology sectors. Nanoshel brings together teams of leading researchers from our partner institutions and employs a unique business model to deliver commercially driven research, consultancy and problem solving for its clients. This effectively removes the project delivery risk, ensuring that our academic partners deliver to time, budget and quality. Nanoshel sells purest and cheapest Carbon Nanotubes in the world. Selling in Ton quantities to various Industries from Coating and Plastic to Technology companies. Various Catalogue companies are buying CNTs from us in Ton and Kg quantities. Carbon nanotubes is produced by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method by Nanoshel and depending on the diameter one can obtain either single-walled Carbon Nanotubes(SWCNTs) or multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs). Our current capacity for the production of MWCNTs far exceeds that of other suppliers.

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