Nanoshel Nanotechnology Everywhere

Nanotechnology is sometimes referred to as a general-purpose technology because in its more advanced stages it will have a significant impact on almost all industries and all areas of society.
Nanotechnology is unlike other scientific disciplines you may be familiar with in its breadth. It pulls in information from physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology to study and use materials at the nano level to achieve various results. It turns out that being able to see and work with things on a very small level has some very big ramifications not isolated to one industry or field. In this section you get an idea of the types of applications and future changes nano is making possible.

Applying nano in various settings

Nanotechniques can be applied in many different settings and many different applications. It crosses industries, enabling achievements in areas such as manufacturing, medicine, space travel, energy, and the environment. The techniques being developed for creating and manipulating particles at the nano level hold out the hope for curing diseases such as cancer, cleaning our air, and producing cheap energy.
Think of some other scientific disciplines. Medicine pertains only to healthcare; astronomy is lost in the stars; zoologists focus on animals. But nanotechnology doesn’t have that single focus; in that respect, it’s more like physics or chemistry, scientific disciplines whose discoveries can be used in many areas and many industries and with many other sciences.