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Nanoshel offers over 1,000 products for research and development via a comprehensive catalog of organics, inorganics, solvents and metals. Our products are available in pre-packaged catalog sizes, and in semi-bulk and bulk quantities. We also offer custom synthesis and special packaging services.

Give us a try and you’ll find our products are of the same high quality as our competition, but are often more affordable. Give us an opportunity to provide you with a quote for your larger than catalog quantities. We will save your time and money.

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Doping means the introduction of impurities into a semiconductor crystal to the defined modification of conductivity. Two of the most important materials silicon can be doped with, are boron (3 valence electrons = 3-valent) and phosphorus (5 valence electrons = 5-valent). Other materials are aluminum, indium (3-valent) and arsenic, antimony (5-valent). These impurity atoms are known as dopants. After addition of these dopants some of the properties of the conductors can be changed according to customers need.
Nanoshel deals with different doped nanomaterials with high purity at low prices.

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Nanotechnology extends the limits of molecular diagnostics to the nanoscale. Nanotechnology-on-a-chip is one more dimension of microfluidic/lab-on-a-chip technology. Biological tests measuring the presence or activity of selected substances become quicker, more sensitive and more flexible when certain nanoscale particles are put to work as tags or labels. Magnetic nanoparticles, bound to a suitable antibody, are used to label specific molecules, structures or microorganisms. Magnetic immunoassay techniques have been developed in which the magnetic field generated by the magnetically labeled targets is detected directly with a sensitive magnetometer.

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“Once a New technology rolls over you, if you are not the part of the steamroller, you are part of the road” -Stewart Brand

“Graphene is a disruptive technology, one that could open up new markets and even replace existing technologies or materials” -Havas Lynx

“A revolutionary material needs a revolutionary place to grow. Working together, we could create incredible things. Like lightweight batteries you can wear, smartphones you can bend, or paint than can produce energy. Or how about world’s lightest plane?” – Nanoshel