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Nanopowders are defined as powdered materials with particles size less than 100 nanometers..

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Innovative Materials

Many new emerging innovative materials are being invented and many new materials are being..

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Indium Arsenide Nanoparticles

Indium Arsenide Nanoparticles InAs is a semiconductor material made of arsenic and indium. The semiconductor has a melting point of 942 °C and appears in the form of grey crystals with a cubic structure. It is very similar to gallium arsenide and is a material having a direct bandgap. Indium arsenide is popular for its narrow energy bandgap and high electron mobility. InAs, or indium monoarsenide, is a semiconductor composed of indium and arsenic. It has the appearance of grey…

Colloidal Silica (Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Dispersion)

COLLOIDAL SILICA – SiO2 Nanoparticles Dispersion Colloidal Silica is suspensions of silicon dioxide nanoparticles in water or various organic solvents such as ethanol or mineral oil. Nanoshel manufactures oxide nanopowders and nanoparticles with typical particle sizes ranging from 10 to 200nm and in coated and surface functionalized forms. Nanoparticles have some special properties in optical, electric, thermal, and magnetic aspects. SiO2 is not only an important kind of semi conductive material but also used as the filler of plastic, rubber,…

CuO Dispersion (Copper Oxide Dispersion)

CuO DISPERSION CuO Dispersion: Nanodispersion are composites consisting of solid nanoparticles with sizes varying generally from 1 to 100 nm dispersed in heat transfer liquids such as water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and so on. In the last decade, nanofluids have gained significant attention due to their enhanced thermal properties. A great deal of energy is expended heating industrial and residential buildings in the cold regions of the world. Cupric oxide (CuO) has been studied as a p-type semiconductor material…

ZnO Dispersion (Zinc Oxide Dispersion)

ZnO DISPERSION ZnO Dispersion: A stable colloidal dispersion is expected to remain without sedimentation even after prolonged periods of storage. The settling behavior of dispersions depends mainly on the size and density of the dispersed particles. Dispersion of nanopowders into liquids is a challenging task. The high surface area and surface energy which are responsible for the beneficial effects of Nanomaterials cause agglomeration of particles which leads to poor quality dispersions. Stabilization of metal oxide nanoparticles are extensively studied over…

Al2O3 Dispersion (Aluminium Oxide Dispersion)

Al2O3 DISPERSION Al2O3 Dispersion: A wide usage of metal oxide nanoparticles and nano structured materials attracts many people to research for their controlled synthesis via new method. Because, special properties of metallic or metal oxide nanoparticles exhibited several potential application in electronics, optoelectronics, catalysis and thin film coatings. In particular, alumina nanoparticles are expected to play important roles in a variety of relevant applications, and hence, the field has generated important contributions regarding the synthesis and processing of such particles….

Quantum Dots

QUANTUM DOTS AND ITS APPLICATIONS A quantum dot gets its name because it’s a tiny speck of matter so small that it’s effectively concentrated into a single point (in other words, it’s zero-dimensional). As a result, the particles inside it that carry electricity (electrons and holes, which are places that are missing electrons) are trapped (“constrained”) and have well-defined energy levels according to the laws of quantum theory (think rungs on a ladder), a bit like individual atoms. Tiny really…

Pellet Chips Metal Balls

PELLET CHIPS METAL BALLS Pellet Chips Metal Balls: Pallets, in general, pellets have a shape known as diabolo which means that the front and rear sections are of larger diameter than the middle. One reason for this is to reduce the friction that would result if more of the pellet made contact with the barrel. Even though some air guns are rather powerful, the amount of work necessary to push the pellet down the barrel would be large if the…