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Company Registration:

US DUNS Number: 07-930-0068

UK DUNS Number: 222811 636

NAICS: 326150

UK VAT: 265649761

India GST: 03AABCI9814Q1Z6

Contact Us:

+1 646 470 4911 (USA)

+ 44 1782 454 144 (UK)

+ 353 71 985 3714 (Ireland)

+91-9779550077 (India)

+91-9779238252 (India)


Ordering Process/Information

At the First instance perspective client mails the company at for the Pricing Information/Quotation of the desired product along with the following details.
i. Client Name:
ii. Business/Company/Institute/Department Address:
iii. Country:
iv. City:
v. State/Province:
vi. Phone(if any):
*************** (Number used for shipping purpose only)
vii. Mobile:
************* (Number used for shipping purpose only)
viii. Email id:
ix. Desired Product Name/Product Code:
x. Approximate Quantity Requirement:
We (Nanoshel) will get back to the client with the pricing information/Quotation of the product via mail only at the client’s mail Id.
Once the customer approves the quote/pricing information, client mails to Nanoshel( for the Performa Invoice for the prepayment. (Please note payment can be made to the company by Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Wire/Bank Transfer etc)
We (Nanoshel) will share the Performa Invoice of the product and the banking details with client on his/her Email Id.
Client processes the payment his/her end.
Once the company (Nanoshel) receives the payment, confirmation mail will be sent out to the client by the company.
Nanoshel will process the order within a week’s time approximately and finally the order will be shipped out to all the international/domestic destinations and will reach the customer in next 15-days approximately.
  • We do not accept digital currencies of any kind.
  • All the products are thoroughly tested before shipping.
  • Results and the Graphs shown on the website may vary as the variations are bound to occur lot to lot.
  • Company tests will be considered as a benchmark and we shall not entertain any refunds based on the customer tests.
  • We strictly process the the products from certified 99.99% pure ingots only.
  • We have fixed and standard pricing policy only. Negotiations of any sort are not entertained.
  • We do not offer any kind of credit facility. Only 100% advance payments are accepted.
  • Worldwide shipping is done via only reputed standard shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS.
  • Each and every order will be shipped out from the factory will all the legal documents and invoices. We do not entertain any kind of negotiations in this regard.
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USA - Sales/Research
+1 646 470 4911
UK - Sales/Research
+44 1782 454 144
Ireland - Sales/Research
+354 71 985 3714
India - Sales/Research