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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA
NS6130-12-000845 7783-52-0 MSDS pdf Specification pdf COA pdf

Indium III Fluoride Powder

Product: Indium III Fluoride Powder (InF3, Purity: 99.9%, APS: 40-50µm)

Indium III Fluoride

Particles Size Analysis - Indium III Fluoride Powder

Particles Size Analysis - Indium III Fluoride Powder

Product Indium III Fluoride Powder
Stock No. NS6130-12-000845
CAS 7783-52-0 Confirm
APS 40-50µm Confirm
Purity 99.9% Confirm
Molecular Formula InF3 Confirm
Molecular Weight 171.82g/mol Confirm
Form Powder Confirm
Colour White/off-White Confirm
Density 4.39g/cm3 Confirm
Melting Point 1172°C Confirm
Boiling Point 1200 °C Confirm
Solubility Soluble in Water
Quality Control Each lot of Indium III Fluoride Powder was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99.9%

Expert Reviews

Dr. Marcus Tägtmeyer, (International Medical and Technological University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Indium III Fluoride Powder: Fluorides can act as enzyme inhibitors. They are commonly used to inhibit the activity of phosphatases such as the serine/threonine phosphatases. Many of the fluoride salts possess this ability. They can inhibit the enzymes through replacement of the nucleophilic hydroxyl ions presents on the active sites of these enzymes. Beryllium fluoride and aluminium fluoride are phosphatase inhibitors that can imitate the phosphate group and function as analogues of the transition state of the reaction.

Dr. Ms Jane Li, (National Penghu University of Science and Technology, Magong, Penghu,  Republic of China)

Indium III Fluoride Powder: Fluorides are also used as fluoropolymers such as polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon. Teflon is an inert and biocompatible material that is used in a wide range of applications such as surgical implants, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Teflon is also used in paints and cookware. The fluoropolymer fabric Gore-Tex is used to make outdoor protective clothing.

Dr. Willem-Jan de Kleijn Ph.D, (Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden)

Indium III Fluoride Powder: Fluorides play an important role in the prevention of tooth decay and may be applied locally in the form of toothpaste or ingested through drinking fluoridated water. Previously, sodium chloride was added to drinking water but now common additives include hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and sodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6).

Dr. JKF Gojukai PhD,  (Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)

Indium III Fluoride Powder: Fluoride therapy is the use of fluoride for medical purposes. Fluoride supplements are recommended to prevent tooth decay in children older than 6 month in areas where the drinking water is low in fluoride. It is typically used as a liquid, pill, or paste by mouth. Where public water supplies are fluoridated further fluoride by mouth is typically not needed. Fluoride has also been used to treat a number of bone diseases.

Dr. Huang Fu Ph.D, (Maebashi Institute of Technology, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan)

Indium III Fluoride Powder: Fluoride is naturally present in groundwater and the oceans. Water fluoridation is the adjustment of fluoride to a recommended level for preventing tooth decay. It’s similar to fortifying other foods and beverages, like fortifying salt with iodine, milk with vitamin D, orange juice with calcium and bread with folic acid.

Indium III Fluoride Powder

Indium III Fluoride Powder

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