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Surface Modified

Stock Number Product Name MSDS SPEC COA Catalogue
NS6130-02-264 CdTe Quantum Dots (Terminated with -COOH group)
NS6130-02-265 CdTe Quantum Dot Solar Cell (Coupling with -NH2)
NS6130-12-000185 Zinc Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots (ZnSe/ZnS, Purity: 99.9 %, 410±10nm)
NS6130-12-000186 Water Soluble Quantum Dots (Zinc Selenide /Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000187 Alloyed Quantum Dots (Zinc Selenide /Zinc Sulphide-MPA Quantum Dots-410nm)
NS6130-12-000188 Semiconductor Quantum Dots (Zinc Selenide /Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH QDs)
NS6130-12-000189 Drug Delivery Quantum Dots (Zinc Selenide /Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000190 Quantum Dots Brighten Biological Imaging (Zinc Selenide /Zinc Sulphide-MPA Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000191 Qunatum Dots Cancer Diagnosis (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000192 Photoluminescence Quantum Dots (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000193 Temperature Sensor Quantum Dots (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000194 Magnetic Quantum Dots (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000195 Quantum Dot Electroluminescence (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots-590nm)
NS6130-12-000196 Quantum Dot Biolabeling (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots-590nm)
NS6130-12-000197 Hybrid Quantum Dot LEDs (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000198 Quantum Dot Antibody (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000199 Quantum Dot Artificial Atom (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots-640nm)
NS6130-12-000200 Quantum Dot Superlattice (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000201 Quantum Dot Backlight (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000202 Quantum Dots Anti-Counterfeiting (Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots-690nm)
NS6130-12-000203 Quantum Dots Electroluminescence (Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots-440nm)
NS6130-12-000204 Quantum Dots Live Cell Imaging (Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000205 Quantum Dot DNA Conjugation (CdS/ZnS-MPA-COOH Qds)
NS6130-12-000206 Photovoltaic Quantum Dots (Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000207 Lateral Quantum Dot (Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000208 Electrostatic Quantum Dots (Cadmium Sulphide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000211 Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (Cadmuim Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000212 Quantum Dot Redox (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000213 Cadmium Based Quantum Dots (CdSe/ZnS-MPA-COOH Qds)
NS6130-12-000214 Quantum Dots Chemical Sensing (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000215 Quantum Dot Diode Laser (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000216 Spectroscopy Quantum Dots (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000217 Quantum-Dot Optical Temperature Probes (CdSe/ZnS-PEG-COOH Qds)
NS6130-12-000218 Industry Grade Quantum Dots (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000219 Quantum Dots Biomarkers (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Qds)
NS6130-12-000220 Quantum Dot Electroluminescence Device (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000221 CdSe Quantum Dot Band Gap (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000222 Monodisperse Quantum Dots (Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000223 Quantum Dot Medical Imaging (Lead Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000224 Lead Salt Quantum Dot Ionic Liquids (Lead Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000225 Pegylated Quantum Dots (Lead Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000226 Pbs Quantum Dots Sensitized Solar Cell (Lead Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000227 Quantum Dots Warm Up LED Lighting (Lead Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000228 Quantum Dots Cell Biology (Lead Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000229 Quantum Dots Cell Labeling (Lead Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000230 Quantum Dots Protein Labeling (Lead Sulphide-PEG-NH2 Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000231 PbS Quantum Dots Solar Cells (Lead Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000232 Quantum Dots Cancer Treatment (Lead Sulphide-PEG-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000233 Quantum Dot Liquid Crystal (Lead Sulphide-PEG-NH₂ Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000234 Quantum Dots Photodynamic Therapy (Lead Sulphide-MPA-COOH Quantum Dots)
NS6130-12-000614 Cadmium Telluride COOH QD’s (CdTe, Surface Modified, 99.9%, 1-10nm)
NS6130-12-000615 Cadmium Selenide COOH QD’s (CdSe, Surface Modified, 99.9%, 1-10nm)