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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA Catalogue
NS6130-01-157 7440-57-5/7440-31-5 MSDS pdf Specification pdf COA pdf

Gold Tin Solder Paste

(AuSn, Purity: 99.9%, APS: 80-100nm)


Available Pack Size: 10Gms, 25Gms, 50Gms, 100Gms, 250Gms, 500Gms, 1Kg & Bulk orders
Lead Free Reflow profile

Lead Free Reflow profile

Particles Size Analysis - Gold Tin Solder Paste

Particles Size Analysis - Gold Tin Solder Paste

Product Indication .
Indication NS6130-01-157
Alloy Sn20/Au80 (Standard), Sn25/Au75 (upon request), Other alloys are available on request
Physical Properties .
Particle Size 80-100nm
Shape Spherical
Melting Point Sn20/Au80 = 280°C, Sn25/Au75 = 280°C
Composition Sn20/Au80
Density Sn20/Au80 = 7.4 g/cc, Sn25/Au75 = 7.4 g/cc
Solder Paste .
Metal Content Standard 89% ± 1%
Viscosity Range 130 ± 40 Pas, Physica CSS 10 s-1
Density 3.99 ± 0.2 g/ml
Performance Properties .
Typical Print Thickness 0.4 – 0.65 mm pitch: 150 microns, <0.4 mm pitch: 120 microns
Minimum Pitch 16 mil (400 microns)
Minimum Pad Width 8 mil (200µm, Stencil Thickness -150 µm
Quality Control Each lot of was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99.9%
Other Metal < 750 ppm

Expert Reviews

Dr. Ms. Kamiko Chang, Ph.D, (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)

Gold Tin Solder Paste is used in a variety of high-reliability applications, where its high melting point, non-creep, high-tensile stress, thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as proven usage life makes it a standard “known-good” material. Gold tin solder paste properties Ultra-high reliability for joining and sealing, Fluxless soldering processes, Hermetic sealing, Joining gold-plated surfaces etc.

Dr. Nicholaos G. Demas, (Newcastle University School Of Machanical & Systems Engg. UK)

Gold Tin Solder Paste can be applied by various method such as printing, disperse, pin transfer etc. Gold tin solder has higher performance of fluidity and wet ability in melting also has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and high strength.

Dr. Myron Rubenstein, Ph.D, (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)

Gold Tin Solder Paste is hard and brittle it is difficult to make them smaller. It is also unable to low cost trend of the assembly process when these providing method low cost assembly for fine paste and devices we have developing gold tin solder paste. The soldering can ensure high speed and efficient processing.

Dr. Ms. Guixin (Susan), Ph.D, (Switzerland-Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Zurich, Switzerland)

Gold Tin Solder Paste offers particular advantages when used when soldering rope chain, hollow shells, findings, earring posts, and jump rings. The “Gold Tin Solder Paste” contains a highly active combination of chemical fluxes added to the paste to clean and protect the base metal and solder during the heating cycle.

Gold Tin Solder Paste

Gold Tin Solder Paste

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