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Stock No. CAS MSDS Specification COA Catalogue
NS6130-03-327 1312-81-8 MSDS pdf Specification pdf COA pdf

Lanthanum Oxide Nanoparticles

(La2O3, Purity: 99.9%, APS: <200nm)


Available Pack Size: 10Gms, 25Gms, 50Gms, 100Gms, 250Gms, 500Gms, 1Kg & Bulk orders
SEM - La2O3 Nanoparticles

SEM - La2O3 Nanoparticles

Particles Size of Analysis

Particles Size of Analysis

Lanthanum Oxide Nanopowder

Lanthanum Oxide Nanopowder

Product Lanthanum Oxide Nanopowder
Stock No NS6130-03-327
CAS 1312-81-8 Confirm
HS Code 28469012 Confirm
Purity 99.9% Confirm
APS <200nm Confirm
Molecular Formula La2O3 Confirm
Molecular Weight 325.809 g/mol Confirm
Form Powder Confirm
Color White Confirm
Density 6.51 g/cm³ Confirm
Melting Point 2315 °C Confirm
Boiling Point 4200 °C Confirm
Solubility Insoluble in Water
Quality Control Each lot of Lanthanum Oxide Nanopowder was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99.9%
Other Metal 850ppm

Expert Reviews

Dr. Baron Augustin, Ph.D , (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Lanthanum oxide nanoparticles (La2O3) have a lot of attractive properties for industrial and technological applications. Nanometer lanthanum oxide can be used in piezoelectric materials to increase product piezoelectric coefficients and improve product energy conversion efficiency. Nano-lanthanum oxide can be used for the manufacture of precision optical glass, high-refraction optical fiber, all kinds of alloy materials.

Dr. Mark Brown , (Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta,USA)

Lanthanum oxide nanoparticles can be used for the preparation of organic chemical products catalysts, and in automobile exhaust catalysts; Nanometer Lanthanum oxide can improve the burning rate of propellant, is a promising catalyst. Nano-lanthanum oxide can be used for the manufacture of precision optical glass, high-refraction optical fiber, all kinds of alloy materials.

Dr. Ms. Cristiana Barzetti , (University of Cagliari-Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science, Italy)

As regards the photoelectric conversion efficiency of Lanthanum oxide nanoparticles are high; it can be used in the light-converting agricultural film. Also, the nano-lanthanum oxide can be used in electrode materials and in light-emitting material (blue powder), hydrogen storage materials, laser materials, etc.

Dr. Jang Huang, Ph.D , (Shandong Science and Technology University, China)

Lanthanum oxide nanoparticles (La2O3) have many practical applications owing to their excellent physical and chemical properties and have been shown to have high catalytic activity for the oxidation of carbon monoxide, methane, propane, hexane, and toluene. Thus, it can be used as a catalyst for combustion, automobile exhaust, and waste gas purification. Besides, it can be used as an electrode material for solid-electrode fuel cells and gas sensors.

Dr. Darren Chandler, Ph.D, (Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K)

Lanthanum Oxide Nanoparticles are defined as particle dispersions or solid particles with a size in the range of 10-1000nm. Nanoparticles as a drug delivery system are to control particle size and release of pharmacologically active agents in order to achieve the site-specific action of the drug at the therapeutically optimal rate.

Lanthanum Oxide Nanoparticles

Lanthanum Oxide Nanoparticles

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