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NS6130-12-000306 7440-22-4 MSDS pdf Specification pdf COA pdf

Silver Nanowire Polymer

Product: Silver Nanowire Polymer (Ag, 99.9%, Dia: 30nm, Length: up to 200µm)


TEM - Silver Nanowire Polymer

TEM - Silver Nanowire Polymer

Product Silver Nanowire
Stock No NS6130-12-000306
CAS 7440-22-4
Purity 99.9%
Diameter 30nm
Length up to 200µm Confirm
Molecular Formula Ag Confirm
Molecular Weight 107.87g/mol Confirm
Form Wire Confirm
Density 0.785 g/mL Confirm
Particle Surface PVP Confirm
Coefficient of Variation 51% Confirm
Standard Deviation 10% Confirm
Thermal Expansion 18.9 µm•m-1•K-1 (25 °C) Confirm
Polymer Content < 0.5% Confirm
Solvet Ethanol, Water, Isopropyl Alcohol
Quality Control Each lot of Silver Nanowire was tested successfully.
Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

Typical Chemical Analysis

Assay 99.9%
Other Metal 1000 ppm

Expert Reviews

Jules L. Routbort, (Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, USA)

Silver Nanowire Polymer (Ag NWs) are promising next-generation conducting materials with the potential to replace traditional electrode materials, such as indium tin oxide, in electrical and optical devices. This material combines several advantages, including tunable optical, plasmonic and excellent electrical properties. Recent research has focused on the application of Ag NWs as an electrode material in liquid crystal displays, light-emitting diodes, solar cells and electrochemical devices.

Dr. Ms. Kamiko Chang, Ph.D, (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)

Silver Nanowire Polymer have different fabrication greatly from each other in size, surface roughness and crystalline which in directly influence the optical properties of the silver nanowires. Silver Nanowires can also be used for photo detection silver nanowires processing a germanium nanowires field effect transistor such detector in highly efficient and the Plasmon getting effect cum be used to amplify the signal even more. Silver nanowires have potential for active devices such as SPP amplify and lasers.

Dr. Nicholaos G. Demas, (Newcastle University School Of Machanical & Systems Engg. UK)

Silver Nanowire Polymer, Silver Nanowires arrays have been widely use in many other application. Silver nanowires array are also use for sensing and detection. Silver Nanowires film use as a transparent electrodes for the solar cell. A silver nanowire enhanced has the performance of the devices in optical circuit light emitting diodes solar cell and touch screen display.

Dr. Myron Rubenstein, Ph.D, (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)

Silver Nanowire Polymer, Silver Nanowires have been more attention because of their electrical, thermal and optical properties. The Silver nanowires stability was excellent. Silver Nanowires transparent and conductive thin films with excellent mechanical flexibility. Transparent conductive thin films electrodes cell and flexible display. Silver nanowires as transparent electrodes in optoelectrical and electrochemical devices. Ag NWs films are developing high performance transparent conducting materials for future devices. Application of silver nanowires an electrode material in liquid crystal displays, light- emitting diodes, solar cells and electrochemical devices.

Dr. Ms. Guixin (Susan), Ph.D, (Switzerland-Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Zurich, Switzerland)

Silver Nanowire Polymer, Silver Nanowires are promising next generation conducting materials with the potential to replace traditional electrode materials such as indium tin oxide. In electrical and optical devices. Silver Naowires Application including large area touch screen as well as flexible display application. The Silver nanowire material is currently used in several consumer products, Offers lower manufacturing and per unit costs, and makes scaling much easier silver nanowire transparent conductors are the clear choices for new production facilities that need high throughput and easy processing, as well as for devices manufacturers that need a thin, light, Flexible materials to deliver high performance for innovative devices.

Silver Nanowire

Silver Nanowire

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